DragonBall Z themed pin badges by Paradox Fox

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DragonBall Z themed pin badges containing some of the various logos used throughout the TV series.

Logos available:

  • Goku's Kanji
  • King Kai's Kanji
  • Master Roshi's Turtle School Kanji
  • Capsule Corp. company logo
  • The Red Ribbon Army insignia
  • The Saiyan Royal Family Crest
  • The "Majin" Demon Mark (variation also available without the white background)

Sets available:

  • Full Set - all pin badges shown
  • "Heroes" Set - Includes Goku's kanji, Turtle School Kanji, Kin Kai's Kanji and Capsule Corp. logo
  • "Villains" Set - Includes Red Ribbon Army, Saiyan Royal Family crest and Majin demon mark

When ordering the "Full Set" or "Villains Set" please state which version of the Majin demon mark you'd like.

All pins are homemade using a 3D printer and made to order.

Some variations in colours may be possible, please contact me to discuss.